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Protect Your Course Content (Ebook 1)$9.99

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Protect Your Course Content

This first ebook of the Online Courses and Legal Stuff series explains how you can protect your valuable course content from content thieves and copycats. 

Here's its table of contents:

  • Welcome 
  • Introduction 
  • Copyright protection of your course content  
  • Contractual protection of your course content 
  • How to check if someone is ripping off your content  
  • What you can do if people are ripping off your content 
  • What’s next? 
  • Appendix – Notice + takedown and like procedures

The ebook considers key laws in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, and New Zealand. It's 22 A4 pages long.

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"Hi, I'm Richard Best, a lawyer who has been working on the legal stuff for 25 years, first as a litigator and then as a technology and commercial lawyer, in both in-house and law firm roles. I've practised law in three countries and been exposed to the laws of many more. My practice sees me getting deeply involved in matters relating to technology, contracting, intellectual property, privacy, and social media, to name a few."

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